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10 January 2012 @ 11:29 am
I am selling a pair of FT Island Play Concert tickets, B4, Row 9, Seat 7 and 8 at S$150 each. If you are interested, please contact me at sharon.han@yahoo.com.sg.

Thank You!
13 January 2009 @ 07:38 am
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23 November 2008 @ 11:51 am

When was the last time that I blogged? *Shrugs* I can't even remember. So i think it should be ages ago. Hands and fingers getting abit rusty on the keyboard. Words don't flow to me naturally as before. Seems abit hard for me to word out the stuffs that i wanna say. Or probably it is because too much had happened and I'm not sure where should I start. But I have to start somewhere as I do not want to abandon this blog. Oh well. So tolerate with me? Haha. I have started work at ****** for almost 2 months! Wow. Time passes real fast. Getting damn busy as more and more stuffs are thrown to my responsibilities. People eye-ing what a fresh graduate can do. Bosses expectation of what a fresh graduate can do.

Oh what the... To them, a fresh graduate seems to be able to do anything. A fresh graduate or rather a graduate seems to know everything. A graduate seems to be the cure for everything. People comparing a graduate to a non-graduate. I hate this kinda comparisons. I don't think a graduate is everything. No.
But I still enjoy work and colleagues. Only a small portion of people that I dislike here. Most are friendly and nice. I made great friends regardless of age or gender. They are great people and they care for me. So I am glad about this.

I laugh almost everyday at work. No matter how stress I am, I still laugh because of them. We go out after work. We chat about different topics about our life about stuffs that are non-work related. We have potluck lunch, we sms each other, we are like friends. I cant imagine going to work without them. I thanks god for letting me meet great people.
However, I wants to have a break. I missed the days of school. I miss the days of freedom to do anything. But well, life goes on no matter how one craves to go back. Life goes on no matter how one wishes to return to the past.. I should learn to be satisfied with what I have and not crave for more than what I already have. Yes. This is the way to go on with life.

BTW, there is this guy who is a consultant in ****** who looks quite cute. Haha. I'll get to see him on Monday again! eyecandy for me. It has been too long that I have an eyecandy in reality. ^^

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17 September 2008 @ 02:22 pm


For the past 2 Friday Nights, I had been KTV-ing with my fun-loving colleagues at AMK KBOX. It was damn fun and enjoyable. A good way to release stress as well. BTW, I am here to say 'Hello' to anyone who is still reading my blog. I know I had not update in ages due to work, family and friendship commitment. Haha. Oh well~ Last Fri is actu my last day at Daily Farm. I know I had only started work for 3 months and now, I am leaving. But I think people who hear stories from me would be glad that I am leaving that place.

For the past 2 days, I had been enjoying myself. Doing things that I had not done for centuries. Lol. Today is the last day for me to rot and rot before I officially start work at new workplace tmr. I am joining some company (the place where I did internship) HR department. Yes! I am finally going to put one foot into the area of HR. Though happy abt that, I still cant help feeling abit nervous, scare and worried. I think I will have to adapt to a new working place, new colleagues and new environment all over again.

习惯是一件多么可怕的事. I missed crapping, lunching, laughing and whatever with Rouxin, Corinne and Joyce though I miss nothing abt the work environment, a woman nicknamed 'audience' and an unreasonable woman nicknamed 'avril'. I think Rouxin, Corinne and Joyce really made my life more happy while working for 2 complicated and unreasonable person.

Well~ Life has to keep moving on. Changes will always arise and there is nothing that can stop it. So i shall buck up and give all my best in anything that I do or in anywhere that I go. Hope to c my fun-loving colleagues now turn friends soon!

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Aug 2nd is a memorable day. Before we went into Max Pavilion, we bought sodagreen T-shirts. The design is just so kawaii!! And there is Qing Feng handwrite printing of  '苏打绿' on it. I love this T. Concert started at 8.30pm. There were people who were calm thru' out the concert which I wonder why they even bother to come in the first place. But most of Sodagreen Fans were high. 

We stood up and shake our body along with the music after the 1st song! Though it was tiring la. Lol. Oh but it was OMG. The live music that the band play, Qing Feng live singing - so NICE! This was the first time I attend an Indie Rock Band concert. It reminded me of Larcenciel concert though I have never been there to experience it before. But it is just that kinda feel that I like about concert. Music music and music. Shiok!

Not to say that Qing Feng is very good at jumping about and creating the very high atmosphere. I totally enjoyed it. And he could say super funnie stuffs during MC. I got a good laugh at what he said lo. Aniwae, time pass quickly and it was encore. We shouted loudly for them to appear again and they appeared 5 mins later. Everyone started running to the front. Cai Xiang and I grabbed each other and ran together. We managed to chop a good standing view. 2nd row, middle and directly in front of Qing Feng.

I could see him like really close up and can even sorta 'talk' to him. Haha. As usual, he is very nice to sing extra songs out of the original set list. He said that there are still quite a bit of extra time and so he could sing a few more songs. So we were like shouting all the different different songs that we wanted to listen to. In the end he pick out 5 songs to sing before he ended with the last last song that was in the set list. It was worth it to be able to stand so close to him and them to listen. He also talked to us (all of us who were standing right in front) and it was so funnie. 

The concert ended at 11.45pm. When it ended, I knew I'm gonna miss this concert and I would like to go for their concert again! No matter it is at Singapore or Taiwan. Sigh. It was worth every cents of the money that I spent on the ticket. It was the best best concert that I went for. In terms of music, live singing, atmosphere - it was the best. However, I find the Taiwan concert had more interesting music/ stuffs in it (for e.g. Qing Feng playing the flute) and also alot of their famous songs that were sang in Taiwan but not Singapore. 

Nonetheless, I'm still high and hyper over it. Good moments pass by real fast ya? Wonder when will I c them again live and standing right in front of me. It is just so enjoyable.

Set List:
1.  无与伦比的美丽

2.  Believe In Music

3.  小宇宙

4.  暂时时空

5.  四季狂想

6.  左边

7.  我只在乎你

8.  MC

9.  游乐

10. I Don’t Care

11. 相对论IV




12. 小情歌

13. Air

14. 爱人动物

15. 是我的海

16. Ohohohoh

17. 白日出没的月球

18. Close to You

19. 符号

20. MC

21. 频率

22. MC

23. 相信




24. 这天

25. MC

26. 红鞋女孩

27. 蓝眼睛

28. MC

29. 漂浮

30. 迟到千年

31. 纪念

32. MC

33. 陪我歌唱


No. 26 to 31 are all extras that we requested for them to sing. Ahh. Looking at this list makes me want to rewind the clock and return back to last night. Sigh. To think that there is work tmr makes me even more DOWN. SIGH!

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06 July 2008 @ 07:06 pm

Life is getting abit meaningless. Or rather pointless. I woke up, I work, I eat, I travel home, I sleep. Every day, the same procedures will be carried out. I don't know why I work. I don't like my job. I don't like everything. I know I am just asking for too much. But for once, allow me to just complain, whine and write whatever that I like here.

It gets kinda scary when I wonder and ask myself - what do I want in life? Time passes by everyday w/o slowing down. But I am not moving forward at all. WORK and MONEY. Is that all I want? I can already start to feel that something is way too wrong. Something is moving away from me. Eversince I started working, things are changing. And they are not going in the direction that I wanted them to be. Almost no extra time is left for just me.

Just for me. Just enough for me to do some things that is just for me for my interest for my happiness. No. Totally no. Yes. Some things are moving away. Running away. At the end of the race, it will totally disappear from my life. And what will I be left with? Emptiness that seems to be eating away bits and pieces of my body everyday. Until one fine day, I will just be left with a empty body doing things that are against my will. 

LIFE. What is it? Can I control it? It just seems too complicated for my simple brain to think. For my simple mind to walk through the mist and find the answer. For a simple me who just wants a simple life to function simply. I'm complicating complicated life making it even more complicated. I am entangled in it. I can't released myself from the knots that I created. That others created for me. Sigh.

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29 June 2008 @ 09:51 am

Chinese entries are all from my chinese blog at blogspot. Keke.

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22 June 2008 @ 10:44 am


On Thurs 19th June, Cai Xiang and I went to Sodagreen Autograph Session. It was a worth trip to rush down from work just to c them. Or rather listen to them - their music. We were standing in the 3rd row center and thus could c them up close. Alright, not realli close but ya..u get what I meant. Lol. The session should originally starts at 7pm but they were here at 6.40pm!

They started with rehearsals and we could hear any songs that we wanted to hear. After tuning and making sure that their musical instruments were alright (can c their professionalism in this), the singing session officially started. Qing Feng sang 1) Xiao Yu Zhou -a rock and high song with rythemic music 2) Pei Wo Ge Chang 3) Zhe Tian and 4) Pin Lu. OMG. Pin Lu is my favourite song lor!!

And I get to hear it live right in front of my eyes. The last part, the high pitch was like omg. I could realli melt in it. It was just so enjoyable listening to him sing and listening to sodagreen music. There is nothing more that I need to say about how special their music is as I tot I wrote quite a lot about it here in the previous many entries. Lol.

They were very nice to sing extra two more songs which were not suppose to be in the set list. But they are just a bunch of young people who love music and dont mind sharing more of it with fans that were so in love with their music as well. Plus I must say they have the skills and talent to do so. Which singer who cant even sing live dares to do such act? 

Moreover, Sodagreen allowed us to select songs that we wanted to hear. And that means they cant predict what songs to sing and be prepared for it before the session. Yes. They are just so talented. I'm realli falling head over toes with them. Oh and I learnt that Qing Feng was actu sick sore throat. So wow sick and he can still sing like he was in perfect condition. Ahhh! That is like so OMG. LOL. Also, the pianist+volinist la, the bassist la, guitarist and drummer la - they are all talented too!

Then we went on stage to have our concert tickets signed by them. Qing Feng realised that my tickets were the most expensive one. And he said '哇你的位子很前面'. Then smiled a very cute smile. Haha. I said '因为很喜欢你们的音乐, 所以很期待演唱会'. After that he shaked my hands very very very very tightly that I could feel pain lor. Then he did replied me something which I couldnt catch cos it was kinda noisy. Lol. I'm a happy fangirl then. Keke. Some photos that I took before Qing Feng asked us to not take photos during the session.

Sodagreen autograph session photos here...Collapse )

Cai Xiang had her side of story which was nice too. But I shall not talk about that here. Shall let her describe herself. Now we are so looking forward to the concert. It is going to be 3.5 hours long and prolly mite extend to 12 am if we encore a few times. I'm sure it is going to be a worthwhile concert. I dont regret purchasing the most exp tickets. And we are planning to have a Sodagreen KTV session in anticipation of the concert 1 week before the concert day. That will be fun. I am sure. 

Okie. Happy post, happy memories, happy future. But tmr is the start of another week of boring work. I realli dun like the work environment. Nonetheless, I shall ganbatte and not let such unhappy moments get into me. When such times come and I feel sad, I will listen to sodagreen music which will make me happy and motivated. :)

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17 June 2008 @ 09:31 am

I'm at work. 2nd day. Yawnz. Realli not use to getting up early. Was dozing off on the bus while listening to Jam’s album and Sodagreen songs. Yes. The bus journey was so long that I could finish at least a whole album and a half on it. Lol. Oh! Jam new album is damn nice. I was so afraid that it will disappoint me after listening to the 1st 2 songs that was broadcast on radio. But he surprised me.


The rest of the songs in his album was so good that these songs could easily defeat the 1st 2 ‘Zhu Da Ge’. He is such a rocker. Keke. Aniwae, was late for Keyboard class yesterday. Luckily sunshine extend the lesson for another 15 mins. Yeah. I had a Keyboard Exam 1 month later. I’m supposed to play a full song + singing by myself or sunshine sings or I ask Cai Xiang to sing. Lol.


So we were thinking which song sld we play for exam. I was telling Cai Xiang that prolly I will ask Sunshine to write Sodagreen – Wu Yu Run Bi De Mei Li in simplified version. Haha. Then Cai Xiang was saying I will laugh till pengz if Sunshine sings this song and I play. In the end, I wun be able to complete the song because of laughing. So funnie . It was an inside joke. Sort of la. We started imitating Sunshine singing and was laughing all the way to the MRT station.


Yep. Was a good short 2 hr with lesson and chatting with Cai Xiang. But was so relaxing and fun. Looking forward to Sodagreen Autograph Session with Cai Xiang on Thur. Keke. Alright, back to work though I have nothing to do. Lol. I miss Jam! I miss shopping! I miss KTV! I miss home! I miss everything! Sigh. 

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14 June 2008 @ 11:40 am

This is something that I wrote in my chinese blog. Eh Yes... I have another blog which I wrote everything in chinese. It is a place that I wrote some reflections of life and some things that I observe. But this is the latest entry that I wrote. Tot that it is an impt observation made by me of the people ard me and own experiences. Sometimes, people are just so irritating that I feel like the world sld crash down on them. 

说服自己已忘记 但其实
时间久了 不是愈合

受伤 哭泣 需要的时候
躲得远远的 不闻不问
更伤心 更想一死了之
他们需要的是关心 慰问
出气筒 让他们述说委屈

分享难过 连安慰也只是
敷衍的台词 这是比不给安慰
还来得糟糕 虚假 讨厌 恶心
那好 这些人就永远消失吧
就算出现 也不要再问

分享心事 难过与悲伤

真的 不要再问 因为 这样
会勾起回忆 再度提起
心情跌到谷里 知道吗?
过了这么久 再来询问
好让你取笑我 好让你
闲话家常 拿去与别人分享
真的 真的 好恶心
看不起你 做人做得这么低贱

所以走得远远的 我不会怪你不来找我

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12 June 2008 @ 07:54 pm

This is the radio version (clear) of 萧敬腾 - 王子的新衣. It is a must-listen. Without his fans screaming at every high pitch that he made, it is such a nice song to listen to! And I love the music. Extremely rockish. I will nod my head along with the music whenever I listen to it. This is the Jam that I know. The kinda song that he should sing. OMG. Anione who love rock will love this.

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07 June 2008 @ 06:40 pm

OMG. I'm in love with this song. 王子的新衣. Super Rock and Super him. His voice damn power. His high pitch damn good. I can't wait to get his album. Shit. I realli love him to bits. This is a song that will cause me to shake my body along with the music. And his live singing cannot be compared to listening to the CD version. If his cd version quality is 100%, then his live singing will be 150%. Allow me to scream for him. Ahhh! Lol.

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01 June 2008 @ 10:05 am

Besides not getting a job.. unemployed and bankrupt, there are quite a couple of joyful stuffs that I would like to share here. I have been craving for Sodagreen concert eversince I downloaded their latest album which was a LIVE version of songs that they sang in Xiao Ju Dan last year. I was telling Kasan - if Sodagreen comes Singapore for concert, I'll definitely go. That was a week ago.

On Wed, Cai Xiang and I went for KTV. I selected lotsa Sodagreen songs to sing and watched the MV. We were telling each other if Sodagreen comes for a concert, we must go together. Until then, it was just a IF. Considering that Sodagreen had already held a concert in Singapore last year, it wun be soon that there will be another one this year. 

Next day which was thur, I'm preparing to go Bugis with Kasan for GSS shopping. While preparing, we were listening to FM 93.3. Suddenly, the DJ said that he had some good news about Sodagreen. Feeling curious, I decided to sit in front of the radio and waited for the news. After 2 songs, the DJ was finally back. He said 'Sodagreen is coming to Singapore on Aug 2nd for a concert'. 

I just screamed there and there. Lol. I was shouting to Kasan 'Ahh! Sodagreen coming for concert! I wanna watch!' The next thing I did was to SMS Cai Xiang though I know she was still sleeping and no doubt that she will only read the SMS in the afternoon. Haha. I just felt like this is a dream comes true or something. Lol. Aniwae, discussed the details with Cai Xiang over the phone in the afternoon and I bought 2 tickets $148 each on that day at Bugis sistic counter. 

Excited. It is just so coincidence. I was thinking of watching and then they are coming! Keke. Oh well. Another thing that I'm happy about is Jam. The date of his album release is nearing! Recently, there are so much news and video on him. He looked so cute. Keke. And he will be in Yu Le Bai Fen Bai on June 3rd and 10th. Yeah! Cant wait to see how Xiao Zhu will tease him. Confirm damn funnie de lo. Haha. Okie. Shall stop here. I will continue taipei trip stories in the next few entries. ^^

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26 May 2008 @ 09:46 am

To think that I am still mad about it after so many days, this organisation is really a fucking asshole one. Yes. That organisation that asked me to go for medical screening and yet they screwed up my screening results. And so they thought I failed the screening. Didnt call to reconfirm with me whether I knew about the screening results. 

I called them 2 weeks later to ask about it. A lady said that the person-in-charge was out of town. I waited for another week. She finally called me to inform that I failed the screening (implying that was the reason why they didnt call to offer me the position animore). Fuck. I think if I remembered correctly, I was sick for the first screening and I was told to go down again for a 2nd one 2 days later. Cos being sick caused my heartbeat to be beating at an abnormal speed. 

And I went for a 2nd one, again I remembered the medical officer congratulating me that I passed. Heartbeat was normal. So now she told me that I failed? WTF. After telling her that I went for a 2nd one and I think I passed. She said 'Oh! When did you went for a 2nd screening? Our record didnt show us that you went for a 2nd one?' I replied in a sarcastic tone 'Yes I did. I went on 25 Arp and the medical officer said I passed.' 

Then she said 'Oh I will go check. This is nothing big. BTW, we are offering you another position - recruitment executive instead of HR officer? Would you like to come down for a job briefing and c if you are comfortable with the job scope?' I decided to go down and c what they gotta say about the original position that I applied for. Under what condition do they have the rights to ask me to go for medical screening when the original position that I applied for wasnt offer to me. Obviously, they had offered the original position to someone esle after 'thinking' that I failed the medical checkup. Fuck.

Went down and the lady said it was actu job briefing and a mini interview. I'm already pissed. Cos she didnt tell me that there will be a mini interview during the phone conversation. And a mini interview lasted for 45 minutes. Oh how mini is that huh? Asshole. So now I will have to start all over again - going thru interviews and waiting for weeks to c if I will be accepted. Hell lot of shit.

Most importantly, it was not a position that I wanted. Wow. A fucking screw up by them and I lost the job that I had wanted. It was like 'getting my hopes high and crash it within seconds'. I had the urge to cry there and there. Why is it that I am so suay. Now everyone is getting a job but ME. Cos of a fucking asshole. I am angry. Really mad. I had to start all over again. Wasted my time for the medical checkup. Wasted my time to go down for interviews for the initial position that I wanted. Fucking irritating.

And the lady that interviewed me keep asking why I am willing to come down for this position interview when I had mentioned previously that I prefered HR Officer over Recruitment Executive. What did she want me to say? Oh cos u all screwed up the medical checkup, I lost the job that I had wanted initially and now I am left with no choices? Fuck. Ask me vague scenerio questions that has no details and still expect me to give complicated answers? Crap. Asshole again. 

Sharon is really suay. Suay-est among the suay people. That is how suay I am. I dont think anione will encounter such incident other than me. Life is piece of shit. Life shucks. Whenever I think of it, I get agitated. No matter how many days had passed, I am still mad. Had to force myself to think of happy moments. But when this incident fights itself into my brain into my conciousness, I cant help but think that life is shit for me to meet such assholes.

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